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My art is going through it's experimental collegiate phase.

My art is going through it's experimental collegiate phase.

Monday, October 16, 2017


Maggie Elram

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  1. I'm Gonna Keep Working on Maggie's Farm. ;)
    07 Dec, 2017
    I'm Gonna Keep Working on Maggie's Farm. ;)
    Hey guys,  I've been working on this blog post all day long and I've found that I really only have one thing to say. I want to paint colorful animals. I want to paint colorful animals! I don't care that the trees are bare and the leaves are brown, there is always time for color in life. Some people may find this surprising to learn about me, but I really enjoy bright colors. Though, my wardrobe may tell a different story (yes it's black...almost entirely black...). I adore pop art and colorful
  2. Building a new business is so humbling.
    15 Nov, 2017
    Building a new business is so humbling.
    It's so funny how we get so attached to a tiny number that only exists on the interwebs. When I first started my new business, the low amount of "likes" and "views" was admittedly disturbing, to begin with. Then I remembered that I was just started and I shouldn't expect the same amount of admiration I was used to receiving from my other social media platforms.  I know this is kind of a strange thing to blog about, but I feel it's work chatting about some. It can be difficult to not compare the
  3. Its A Live... Stream.
    10 Nov, 2017
    Its A Live... Stream.
    I am live! Live streaming that is. I had such a good time today live streaming this piece on Twitch and Instagram.  If you don't follow me already you can find me at and @maggiedrawsgood on IG.  So I've been really admiring patterns lately. I work in retail part time and get to see a lot of beautiful floral patterns.  I guess I never really appreciated textiles until I started getting serious about my artwork.  This sketchbook spread isn't the greatest when it
  4. I'll Have One of Each, Please.
    04 Nov, 2017
    I'll Have One of Each, Please.
    I finally got to rest some today.  My days since the beginning of October have been filled with moving to our new home, getting a new job, quitting an old job, animal rescuing, unpacking allllllllllllot of boxes.  My living room is still currently filled with full and halfway unpacked boxes.  I can't be bothered to fool with them at all today though because I decided that I need an actual day off. I finally got to do my most favorite activity of all which is laying around like the laziest
  5. A Website By Any Other Name
    19 Oct, 2017
    A Website By Any Other Name
    After much back and forth on what to call myself as an artist, I finally have decided on Maggie Draws Good. After all, Maggie Elram Art isn't very catchy, and it doesn't really say who I am as a person. That being said, I am now the proud owner of several domain names because apparently, I have an impulse control issue. Hopefully, the name issue is finally settled on and I won't ever have to change it again. I must admit that my target audience has changed drastically, and while I'll probably
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