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The Traditional Witch's Deck 

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Explore the practices of Traditional Witchcraft, both past, and present, with the Traditional Witches’ Deck. Brought to you by creators Maggie Elram and Kelden, this oracle deck draws heavily upon both folkloric and historical accounts of Witchcraft. The Traditional Witch's deck contains evocative imagery, pulled from these sources, to provide a bewitching set of cards which can be used not only for divination but for meditation and spellcraft as well.
The Traditional Witch's Deck is currently launching its campaign on Kickstarter! For updates, reveals, and giveaways involving the production of the deck, please visit the various social media links for WitchandMoon, and Kelden. 

Meet the Creators

Maggie Elram is an artist, witch, YouTuber, and co-creator behind The Traditional Witches' Deck. She has been a practicing witch for more than 15 years and celebrates her craft through her artwork. In early 2017, Maggie aspired to create her very own divination deck and in May of 2017, she brought her idea to Kelden. Kelden agreed to partner with her on the project as writer and cp-creator for The Traditional Witches Deck. 

Residing in northern Minnesota, Kelden is a writer, YouTuber, and practicing Witch of 12 years. Both his spiritual path and writing career focus on the different aspects of Traditional Witchcraft. Particular areas of interest include Hedge-Crossing, Familiar Spirits, and Wortcunning. As the writer behind the Traditional Witches’ Deck, Kelden lends his years of experience and research to create an oracle steeped in history and folklore.

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